We thank our generous sponsors for supporting this conference!


As the exclusive insurance provider for Ontario’s medical students, OMA Insurance supports the Medical Student Education Research Grants (MSERG) and the Ontario Student Medical Education Research Conference (OSMERC) through our sponsorship partnership with OMSA. 

We understand the challenges that come with making the right insurance choice at every stage of your life and career. From the first day in medical school to practice and beyond in retirement – we have you covered with customized insurance solutions and special offers. And with an average of over 72% of Ontario Medical Students,Residents and Physicians members using OMA Insurance, you can focus on medicine, while OMA Insurance protects your finances now and in future. 

Check out the most popular student plans below: 
   - Student Special Offer (complimentary Life insurance during medical school and discounted Disability Insurance)
   - Travel Insurance
   - Auto Insurance
   - Home/Tenant Insurance 

Have a question or want some advice? Connect with us at info@omainsurance.com