Dr. Teresa Chan: 

How to Turn your Hobby into Game-changing Scholarship: The GridlockED story 

Dr. Teresa M. Chan is the Founding Dean of the Toronto Metropolitan University School of Medicine as well as TMU’s Vice-President, Medical Affairs. She joins TMU via McMaster University, where she was Associate Dean, Continuing Professional Development and an Associate Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine, Department of Medicine in the Faculty of Health Sciences; she was also a Clinician Scientist with McMaster Education, Research, Innovation and Theory (MERIT). In addition, Dr. Chan has been a practicing emergency physician with Hamilton Health Sciences since 2013. Dr. Chan is also a leader in new methods for teaching and learning, including technology-enhanced learning and serious games. She has been an advocate, researcher, and contributor for the free open access medical education movement. She has led teams in academic blogging, podcasting, and video creation. She has empowered learners and teachers alike to harness these technologies for education purposes. She has also been a leader in the emerging field of game-based medical education, and is one of the lead developers of the serious board game GridlockED.


Dr. Victoria Boyd  

Rethinking Clinical Documentation through Critically Reflective Practice

Dr. Victoria Boyd is a Postdoctoral Fellow at CanChild at McMaster University. She has a PhD in health professions education research from the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto and a Master of Professional Communication from Toronto Metropolitan University. Her research explores how critical reflection and dialogue can strengthen the ways health professionals communicate and collaborative with patients, families, and other professionals.